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Nail Matters: Fluorescent, Gemstone, Park Eun Kyung Nail Rings... 2019 Nail Trends

In recent years, the discussion on nail art may not be as crazy as a year or two
ago. However, this does not mean that the ten fingers are going to enter a period of silence and boring! Stepping into the early autumn, I really want to embellish my dry hands? Just now, the recent art world seems to be a bit new. I don't know the following three trends, which one is most suitable for you?
An emerald gemstone is not a new trend. But this year's style seems to have a tendency to go to the extreme. For example, the S19 flyover show of Japanese niche brand Adeam is inspired by nightclubs and Japanese kawaii culture. It is worth noting that the models' fingers are filled with shiny gems and amphibole, and with pearl jewelry and enamel earrings on the neck, they have succeeded in creating the ultimate sense of grandeur. In addition, the fashion show of Disney Villains and The Blonds also designed a sequined nail for a group of "singing dancers", which is quite compatible with the jewelry ring on the hand!
If you are interested in Gems, you may wish to refer to Tiffany Young's fingers! Like the new MV "TEACH YOU", Tiffany is lined with silver gems in a low-key mahogany. If you don't love the ultimate wind, this design is also a good choice.
If you pay attention to the fashion industry's wear and tear, you also know that the fluorescent element "God does not know" is becoming a trend. However, not everyone wants to wear themselves like a fluorescent pen. In this case, let us "minimize" it. It seems that Dua Lipa was very popular with girls when she attended the AMA Music Ceremony, with the bright yellow fluorescent eyes and the fluorescent powder of Rihanna and Kylie Jenner.


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