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Combinations for French nails, see the enamels used by manicures

Marriage is one of the most critical moments in the life of a woman and also of a man; therefore, they decide to unite their lives. In marriage, the man must be perfect, but the looks of all are aimed at the bride who is the primary host.

Although the wedding dress, hairstyle, makeup and shoes are fundamental in the look of a bride, the nails should be taken into account because many people keep an eye on the bride's hands.

For women who are going to get married and still do not know which nail to use, here's a step by step of a metallic white French nail of razing.

Metallic white porcelain nail for brides - step by step

Necessary materials:



Nail polish remover


White cream enamel

Silver enamel

Top coat

Step by step:

Apply base to all nails. Then pass two layers of white enamel and then dash the little French girl with the silver enamel. Finish with top coat. Finish by removing the smudges from the enamels using a piece of cotton dampened in the enamel remover and wrapped in the toothpick.

The silver enamel of the white French for brides can be replaced with another metallic glaze, and the choice will depend on each woman. Then get married and look for a decorated nail, try the white Frenchwoman who is feminine, romantic and sophisticated.

1.Sonho @mundial_impala
Coconut milk @esmaltecolorama
France @esmaltecolorama
Varnish @mundial_impala
french manicure
2.Sonho @mundial_impala
Coconut milk @esmaltecolorama
France @esmaltecolorama
Varnish @mundial_impala
wedding manicure
3.Sonho @ worldwidth
Coconut milk
Milky Way @esmaltecolorama
4.Sonho @ worldwindows
Coconut milk
Milky Way @esmaltecolorama
Varnish @mundial_impala
nail art
5. Enamel.
Francesinha and Petal Branca.
Two Layers Lace.
I finished with Grace Colorama
nails design
6. Enamels.
An Impala Moon layer.
Two of Coco Colorama beat.
Francesinha and Petal Branca.
A layer of top pop Impala
nails idea
7. Polish
Moon Impala.
Paris Risqué.
Francesinha and Petal Branca.
Top pop Impala.
I used 1 coat of each enamel
nail inspiration


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  • Love love love French manicures and thank you for the step by step tutorial

    Brenda King

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