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  • Valentine Manicure Gift Set International Giveaway!

    Sick of bi-weekly visits to the nail salon for a fresh gel polish manicure? Join this manicure gift set GIVEAWAY to win the best 36w panda nail lamp and 12 airbrush nail ink pigment...
  • Nail Matters: Fluorescent, Gemstone, Park Eun Kyung Nail Rings... 2019 Nail Trends

    In recent years, the discussion on nail art may not be as crazy as a year or two
    ago. However, this does not mean that the ten fingers are going to enter a period of silence and boring! Stepping into the winter, I really want to embellish my dry hands? Just now, the recent art world seems to be a bit new. I don't know the following three trends, which one is most suitable for you?
  • Can't Believe! Ultrasound Manicures Is Trending Nowadays

     From maternity shoots to gender reveal parties, it seems women are getting more creative than ever when it comes to baby announcements. You can’t scroll through social media nowadays without seeing an elaborate cake, a colorful explosion or maybe even a decorated bump cast. The latest t...
  • Combinations for French nails, see the enamels used by manicures

    Marriage is one of the most important moments in the life of a woman and also of a man, therefore, they decide to unite their lives. In marriage, the man must be perfect, but the looks of all are aimed at the bride who is the main host.